Courses Taught

  1. Mobile Application Programming (Android Based)

  2. Mobile Computing

  3. Advanced Programming Languages (ASP.Net)

  4. Project Proposal

  5. Project Implementation

  6. Web-Based Systems

  7. Software Engineering

  8. Object Oriented Programming

  9. Fundamental Programming

  10. Data Structure

  11. Operating System

  12. Introduction to Networking

  13. Computer Data Security and Privacy

  14. Network Programming

  15. Technical Reports

  16. Professional Responsibilities

  17. Compilers

  18. MIS


ASP. Net Lab Manuals and Lecture Notes:

1. Lab 01- ASP.Net Embedded CSS By Dr. Noor Zaman

2. Lab 02- ASP.Net External CSS By Dr. Noor Zaman

3. Lab 03- ASP.Net Master Pages By Dr. Noor Zaman

4. Lab 04- ASP.Net Site Map Navigation By Dr. Noor Zaman

5. Lab 05- ASP.Net Server Controls By Dr. Noor Zaman

6. Lab 06- ASP.Net Jquery different Uses By Dr. Noor Zaman

7. Lab 07- ASP.Net Validation Controls By Dr. Noor Zaman

8. Lab 08- ASP.Net Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools SSDT By Dr. Noor Zaman

9. Lab 09- ASP.Net Simple DB connectivity through string By Dr. Noor Zaman

10. Lab 10- ASP.Net Database Using CRUD Operations By Dr. Noor Zaman

11. Lab 11- ASP.Net DB Multiple Records Generate Salary By Dr. Noor Zaman

12. Lab 12- ASP.Net (A) Login Control and Role Based Access Using Personal DBA By Dr. Noor Zaman

13. Lab 13- ASP.Net Sending an Email Through Website By Dr. Noor Zaman

14. Lab 14- ASP.Net File Upload and Down load By Dr. Noor Zaman

15. Lab 15- ASP.Net Report Generation and Export with Different format for DB Multiple Records Generate Salary By Dr. Noor Zaman

16. Lab 16- ASP.Net How to Analyze Data Using Graph Chart for DB Multiple Records Generate Salary By Dr. Noor Zaman

Project Name

Talk about this portfolio piece–who you did it for and why, plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project–was it accomplished under an impossible deadline?–and show how your business went above and beyond to make the impossible happen.