Book No: 01

Noor Zaman, Khalid Ragab, Azween B Abdullah ,Wireless Sensor Networks and Energy Efficiency: Protocols, Routing and Management, IGI-Global publisher USA, January 2012, (ISBN10: 1466601019)

Book No: 02

Khalid A. Buraga, Noor Zaman, “Software Development Techniques for Constructive Information Systems Design”, published by IGI Global USA, (ISBN10: 1466636793)


Book No: 03

Fausto Pedro García Márquez, Noor Zaman, Digital Filters and Signal Processing, INTECH open Science | Open minds publisher, September 2012, (ISBN: 980-953-307-645-9)(

Book No: 04

Noor Zaman, Mohamed Elhassan Seliaman, Mohd Fadzil Hassan, Fausto Pedro, García Márquez “Handbook of Research on Trends and Future Directions in Big Data and Web Intelligence”, published by IGI Global USA 2015,

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Book No: 05

Vasaki Ponnusamy, Noor Zaman, Low Tang Jung, Muhamad Amin, “Biologically- Inspired Energy Harvesting through Wireless Sensor Technologies”, published by IGI Global USA 2015,


Book No: 06

Fausto Pedro Garcia Marquez, Mayorkinos Papaelias and Noor Zaman, “Non-Destructive Testing” ISBN 978- 953-51-2502-0, Print ISBN 978-953-51-2501-3, 276 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published July 27, 2016,


Book No: 07

Noor Zaman, “ Professional Android Programming – Made easy “, In progress