Quality in Higher Education

Quality in higher education has always vital role and any institute can be ranked higher only on the basis of excellent academic quality practices at the campus. Academic quality practices are the only way to achieve the academic quality, an excellent, experienced and dedicated team is always behind the academic practices /academic quality. This page enlights a little bit about the academic quality experience and achievements earned related to the quality of higher education.

ABET Accreditation: Achievement

He has an intensive background of academic quality accreditation in higher education besides scientific research activities, he had worked for academic accreditation for more than a decade and earned ABET Accreditation twice for three programs including Computer Science, Computer Information Systems and Computer Networks at College of Computer Sciences and IT, King Faisal University Saudi Arabia. It is honored to work with a great experienced professional management and team to achieve high goals like this.

NCAAA/EECHES: Experience,


NCAAA/ ECCHES : Experience

He also worked for Education Evaluation Commission Higher Education Sector (EECHES), formally known as National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) Saudi Arabia, for institutional level accreditation. He mainly worked for EECHES standard 5 for more than two years.

NCEAC: Experience,


NCEAC: Experience

He also worked for National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC) Pakistan. He has more than two years experience for working NCEAC.